Italian recycling  
  Italian recycling Gigilos frontier  
  boats aged olives larch trees on ash  
  Dolomites Canal Bernal Bridge Lough Fadda  
  Dolomites - SOLD Caval Bernat Bridge Lough Fadda- SOLD  
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  Carrauntouhill granite Vizzavona  
  herringbone wall Dune gneiss and snow  
  herringbone wall dune gneiss and snow  
alto Aragon
Alto Aragon

Italian recycling

Tuscany, Italy

A multitude of different rocks, bricks and carved fragments have been used in this building beside a car park.


White Mountains, Crete

These mountains rise above the Samaria Gorge. Three different limestones are found in these hills.


Maritime Alps, France

On the border between France and Italy on the Col de Fenestre there is a pillbox and much barbed wire remaining from the second world war. It is a wild area of gneiss, upended rocks from the Alpine Orogeny.


Brittany, France

The old harbour has disappeared and there is now a gleaming marina with a nuclear power station nearby.

larch trees on ash

Cumbre Nueva, La Palma Canaries

This island is volcanically active with new lava flows and craters. The larch trees are the first new plants to colonize.

aged olives

North Mallorca

High in the limestone mountains on the north side of the island, the old trees struggle to survive among tumbling limestone boulders


Northern Italy

Snow in July

Caval Bernat Ridge

San Vicente, Northern Mallorca

The ridge is a scramble, only for climbers, but there is a good view of the precipitous rocks from Cala san Vicente

Lough Fadda

County Kery, Eire

Steep rocks of a monocline plunge into the water


Macgillycuddy Reeks, SW Eire

A high sandstone mountain is shimmering in the heat


Ploumenach, Brittany, France

The coarse crystalline rock is good for scrambling on.


Above the railway, central mountains, Corsica

A castle in the woods

herringbone wall

SE Eire

Vegitation changes over the fault.


Sossusvlei, Namibia

A very high 'star' dune. Calcite is deposited when an underground river evaporates in the valleys. Some of this is blown up the dune stabilising the ripples and the ridges.

gneiss and snow

Maritime Alps, France

The very hard rock on the foot path up to the high mountains.

Alto Aragon

Pyrenees, Spain

Limestone was laid down in the sea and changed to dolomite by the magnesium in the water. The rock has been thrust upwards with the collision of Africa with France and is eroding rapidly.