convoy skaftafellsjokull heavy water  
  convoy Skaftafellsjokull heavy water  
  imbricate river river of glass storm  
  imbricate river - SOLD river of glass storm  
  clouds moraines crater  
  clouds - SOLD moraines crater  
  rainbow dyke black ice  
  rainbow dyke black ice  


Old road in SE Iceland

The convoy travels on the old dirt track road round the island


South Iceland

The glacier falls from the Vatnajokull icecap and ends in a glacial lake which bubbles as it fills with water from below.

heavy water

Dettifoss, N Iceland

Melt water swells the river each day and it falls heavily over the edge of a large basalt lava flow raising clouds of spray.

imbricate river

Thorisdalur, SE Iceland

The network of channels have no vegitation to contain them. The water is low in the morning but by afternoon it is hard to cross, following the melting of the icecap.

river of glass

Landmannalaugur, SW Iceland

Black glassy obsidian and felsites have crystallized very rapidly in a recent acidic lava flow Naamshraun, which erupted from the ash mountain of Brennisteinsalda.


Llandmannalaugur, SE Iceland

People are hurrying to put up small tents and weight them down with boulders before the storm strikes. There are high winds as well as torrential rain in Iceland.


Southern Iceland

In the rain, clouds like cotton wool line the edge of the glacial valley.


Fjnoska, W Iceland

A glacial river, Fjnoska makes its way through the moraines, where piles of mixed rocks dumped by a glacier. The elegant bridge curves like the moraines.


Landmannalaugur, SW Iceland

Craters of all sizes are found in this active explosive volcanic territory.


Landmannalaugur, SW Iceland

A low angled rainbow crosses the valley in the afternoon due to the latitude of Iceland. Blahnukur, a perlite mountain with outcrops of black glassy obsidian is behind.


Near Thorisdalur, SE Iceland

Magma has intruded ash from previous volcanoes, the ash has then eroded away leaving the dyke as an upstanding undulating high wall.

black ice

Hofelsjokull, SE Iceland

Ash from the southerly volcanoes fall onto this glacier. As the ice melts successive ash deposits from different eruptions are exposed with the ice becoming much darker towards the snout. Weird patterns are seen.


Skastafelsjokul, SE Iceland

Icelanders sunbathing on the hard rocky ground.