ronas hill beinn dearg Cranstackie  
  Ronas Hill SOLD Beinn Dearg Cranstackie  
  applecross sands hallival buchan birds  
  Applecross sands Hallival Buchan birds  
  skye view ben stac girls in wood  
  Skye sky Ben Stac girls in wood  
  caledonian pine huttons unconformity spring flood  
  Caledonian pine Hutton's unconformity Spring flood  
  beaconites ullapool suilven  
  beaconites Ullapool Suilven  
  rock at rhue stac pollaidh moine thrust  
  rock at Rhue Stac Pollaidh Moine Thrust  
  cracked eggs beads of froth lizzie  
  cracked eggs beads of froth Lizzie  
  mist trees and boulders silver birch bog beans  
  mist, trees and boulders silver birch bog beans  
  rock and spindle house standing stones  
  rock and spindle house standing stones  
  temporary residents after the storm sunset  
  temporary residents after the storm sunset  
  pass reflections    
  pass - SOLD reflections - SOLD    

Ronas Hill

North Mainland, Shetland

A red granophyre mountain which at 300m is the highest land in Shetland. The top has periglacial block fields

Beinn Dearg

Road to the Isles

Unspoilt Pre-Cambrian Moine rocks


Northern Sutherland

Imbricated Cambrian quartzite piles up in layers on the hillside, picked out by snow.

Applecross sands


Most of the rocks in Torridon are Pre-Cambrian, but at Applecross there are Jurassic sands which erode to give the orange colour of the bay.


Rhum, Hebrides

This is an unusual rock to find in Britain. It is a Tertiary ultrbasic rock of layered cumulates. Minerals in a magma chamber settle out and sink successfully to the bottom as they crystallize, olivines interchange with pyroxenes and a white plagioclase. They look more like sedimentary rocks with their layering.

Buchan birds


The birds were lined up on a rock near Peterhead.

Skye sky

Cuillins, Skye

An unusual view of one of the lochans in the Cuillins.

Ben Stac


Lewisian gneiss forms much of the basement rock in Sutherland, but this is the only mountain made entirely of this rock.

girls in wood


Three octogenarians are in the wood of even greater age.

Caledonian pine

Loch Affric

A hollow stump is in front of the mature Caledonian forest on a sandy moraine visible between the heather.

Hutton's unconformity

Siccar Point, East Lothian

This is an angular unconformity, one of several seen by James Hutton. Silurian sands were laid down in the sea, they hardened, then folded to become vertical and after which there was considerable erosion, all of which took millions of years, not thousands as declared by the church. Old Red Sandstones were then laid down, different in composition and structure. Between the two is the uncomformity from which James Hutton, a famous geologist developed his Theory of the Earth.

spring flood

near Achmelvich, Sutherland

A swollen river runs through the Lewisian gneiss to the sea.


Buchan, Aberdeenshire

In the intertidal zone are traces of burrows of an early arthropod. The outcrops are part of the Old Red Sandstone inland deposits of sands and gravels.



A mountain with an unpronouncable name, lies to the south side of sea loch leading to the old fishing village of Ullapool. Torridian fluvial rocks from Pre-Cambrian rivers form the layers.



A Torridonian sandstone mountain towers above the gneiss basement.

rock at Rhue


Close up of the Torridonian Pre-Cambrian rocks.

Stac Pollaidh


This is a highly eroded sandstone mountain rising steeply above the basement of Lewisian gneiss.

Moine Thrust

Glenbain, Sutherland

In the 19th century geologists Peach and Home discovered that much older rocks (those in the distance) were lying above the Cambrian rocks in the foreground.

cracked eggs

Near Scourie, Sutherland

Ultrabasic rocks crystallize well below the ground and shrink on cooling. The gaps then fill with other magma. This rock usually weathers in round shapes.

beads of froth

Linn of Dee, Cairngorms

The water has just fallen over a sizeable water flow and the peaty water has formed bubbles.


Assynt, Sutherland

The dog is on the shore in front of a well scoured exposure of Lewisian gneiss.

mist, trees and boulders


the towering hill of Torridonian is Pre-Cambrian sandstone.

silver birch

Loch Katrine, Trossachs

Silver birches shine in the dark wood.

bog beans

N Skye

A reflection of Teritary basalt lavas in a lochan in the Quirang.

rock and spindle


A Carboniferous volcanic basalt plug is exposed on the shore.


near Durness, Sutherland

Homes are infrequent on this north coast of Scotland

standing stones


Early morning light

temporary residents

Loch Laxford, Sutherland

Sheep are sent elsewhere in the winter and returned in the spring.

after the storm


Trees have fallen across the stream following high winds


Quinag, North of Loch Assynt

Quinag in the evening


Applecross, Sutherland

The road to Applecross from the South goes over some high PreCambrian rocks, Torridonian fluvial sediments. There is often snow at the top until the end of Spring.


Loch Garry, mid Scotland

The hill is reflected in the lake below